Remanufactured Equipment

Why Remanufactured Equipment?

Our thorough remanufacturing process gives restaurant owners, chefs, and foodservice professionals a cost saving alternative, with high-quality, well-known brands, an outstanding warranty and the full support of the Resquip team.

Specializing in Remanufactured Kitchen Equipment for Quality & Affordability

Unlike many of our competitors, Resquip has an entire division dedicated to sourcing and remanufacturing quality preowned foodservice equipment. Resquip has over 30 years’ experience specializing in quality, affordable remanufactured restaurant equipment.

Remanufactured restaurant equipment is a popular cost-effective option for restaurateurs of any type. Because the equipment is pre-owned, you’re saving money; but, unlike with typical used equipment, quality isn’t an issue. Each piece of remanufactured equipment is stripped to the frame, all parts are removed and cleaned using proprietary, environmentally friendly chemicals, and high temperature steam cleaning. Once a unit is completely cleaned, the body of the unit is reassembled, body and metal damage are repaired, stainless parts are buffed to a new finish, and painted parts are sent to our automotive-style paint booth for a factory-like finish. Our technicians replace mechanical and electrical components with brand new parts, then test the unit for an extended time period. The result is a like-new piece of equipment, at a lower-than-new price-point, ready for years of continued service.